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Film Director, Screenwriter, Script Doctor

Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk

In 2013, graduated from Kyiv National Karpenko-Karyy University of Theatre, Cinema and Television, majoring in feature film directing, Mykhailo Ilyenko’s studio. Student short films were awarded at international festivals. Winner of the Coronation of the Word 2011 competition with the best screenplay. Participated in the documentary project BABYLON #13 (public protest cinema). Participant of the program of the Republic of Poland “Gaude Polonia” in 2015 and 2017. Participant of the Berlinale Talent Campus. Member of the European Film Academy and the Ukrainian Film Academy. Member of the Ukrainian Oscar Committee in 2019-2021. 

Founder and organizer of the Terrarium Scenario Platform. IMDB

The professional debut short film Weightlifter won the Grand Prix of the Warsaw International Festival and Oscar qualification. The Drama Short Film Festival (Greece) has selected the film Weightlifter as a candidate for the European Film Award (EFA) in the Best Short Film category. Participant of the international screenwriting workshops TorinoFilmLab (Script & Pitch) and MIDPOINT Intensive with the script of the feature film Pamfir. The project of the debut feature film Pamfir was selected for Cinéfondation – The Résidence 2019. 

Tutor and lecturer at Video Poetry Laboratory, Cyclop Poetry Festival, (Kyiv, Ukraine) 2014, 2015
Tutor in the Terrarium Incubator within the Intermezzo Literary Festival, (Vinnytsia, Ukraine) 2015
Curator of the Terrarium Script Workshop (in scope of the Odesa International FF, Ukraine) 2015
Group curator at the documentary workshop MyStreetFilms, (Festival “86,” Kyiv-Slavutych, Ukraine) 2016
Lecturer of “LITOSVITA” (School of Scriptwriting, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2017)
Tutor and lecturer at “Cinema Camp Upgrade,” Summer Film School (Lviv, Chernivtsi, Ukraine) 2016, 2017
Tutor at Lviv Summer Film School Wiz-Art Film School (Lviv, Ukraine) 2018
The main teacher of the Terrarium Intensive 3-month screening course (Kyiv, Ukraine, 2018)
Lecturer at the Terrarium Intensive 3-month script course (Kyiv, Lviv, Ukraine, 2019)
Lecturer in Screenwriting and Directing (Pro Duck Film School) Kyiv, Ukraine, 2019-2021
Lecturer at the Terrarium. Intensive 4-month script course (Kyiv, Ukraine, 2020)
Main lecturer of the Terrarium Intensive 4-month script course (Kyiv, Ukraine, 2021, 2022)

«Rabies», short film (directed by Marysia Nikityuk), 2016
«Falling», feature film (directed by Marina Stepanska), 2017
«Nikotyna», short film (directed by Ewa Wikiel), 2017
«Goodnight pal», a short film (directed by Lyubo Yonchev), development stage
«Black Dog», (directed by Mykyta Zarkh), development stage
«Roar» (directed by Angel Angelov), pre-production stage
Script-doctor of Terrarium projects. Intensive 2018-2021 (including «Spas» directed by M. Nakonechny, «Vacuum» directed by Liza Smith, «Chacho» directed by V. Gavura, «Lightning» directed by M. Masloboyshchykov, «Restorer» directed by M. Zaseev)

2020 – Sound & Image Challenge International Festival
2012 – Coronation of the Word

2014, 2015, 2021 – International Video Poetry Competition “CYCLOP”
2019 – ZubrOFFka – International Short Film Festival
2019 – Warsaw Film Festival
2012-2013 – Coronation of the Word
2013 – Wiz-Art

Phone : +380977292296
Mail: wildfilmteam@gmail.com


PAMFIR (feature filmdebut), post-production
Produced by:
Bosonfilm (Ukraine), Madants (Poland), Les Films D’Ici (France), Quijote (Chile)
Producers: Oleksandra Kostina, Klaudia Smieja, Laura Briand, Giancarlo Nasi
Support by: Ukrainian State Film Agency Ukraine, Aide aux cinémas du monde | CNC, France, Polish Film Institute, Poland, Hubert Bals Fund (HBF+Europe program), Netherlands, Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, Ukraine, Visions Sud Est, Switzerland, Göteborg Film Fund, Sweden

2018 – WEIGHTLIFTER (short film, sport drama, professional debut. 30 min)  
Co-production Ukraine-Poland. 
CANDIDATE for a NOMINATION in the category “EUROPEAN SHORT FILM” at the 32nd European Film Awards. International Short Film Festival in Drama, Greece, 2019 
GRAND PRIX.  International Short competition. Warsaw FF, Poland, 2018 *Academy Award®-qualifying
GRAND PRIX, International Short competition. Premiers Plans – Angers Film Festival, France, 2019
GRAND PRIX, ZubrOFFka – International Short Film Festival, Bialystok, Poland, 2018
GRAND PRIX, National Short competition, International Film Festival “Molodist,” Kyiv, Ukraine, 2018
I PRIZE in International Competition EASTWARD WINDOW, ZubrOFFka – ISFF, Bialystok, Poland, 2018
II PRIZE Short Films. Rivne International Film Festival “Dream City”, Rivne, Ukraine 2019
BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY, ZubrOFFka – ISFF, Bialystok, Poland, 2018
NEW EUROPE TALENT AWARD, ZubrOFFka – ISFF, Bialystok, Poland, 2018
ANGEL MAJOR AWARD. Certamen Internacional de Cortos Ciudad de Soria, Spain, 2019
BEST SHORT FILM, Ukrainian Critic Choice Award “Kinokolo”, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2018
BEST SHORT FILM, Association of Film Critics (National Union of Filmmakers of Ukraine) Ukraine, 2019
BEST SHORT FICTION FILM. Sound & Image Challenge International Festival, Macau, China 2019
BEST FILM. International Screen Awards, Jakarta, Indonesia. 2019
BEST FILM 16th edition of the Jan Machulski Award, Warsaw, Poland 2020
BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY 16th edition of the Jan Machulski Award, Warsaw, Poland 2020
SPECIAL MENTION. National competition 11th Lviv International Short Film Festival Wiz-Art, 2018
SPECIAL MENTION. 60th edition of the International short film festival Brno16, Czech Republic, 2019
SPECIAL MENTION FOR DIRECTING. 40th European Short Film Festival of Villeurbanne, France 2019

2015 – INTERSECTION, documentary (20min.) 
co-production Ukraine-Romania ARISTOTELES WORKSHOP
BEST DOCUMENTARY FILM, ISFFestival NEW WAWE, Sophia, Bulgaria, 2016
SPECIAL MENTIONS in the CadROSection, CRONOGRAF – IDFF, Chisinau, Moldova 2016
NOMINATION. GOPO Romanian film industry Awards, Documentary Short Film, Romania, 2015

2013 – KRASNA MALANKA, documentary (52min.) student film
1-ST PRIZE cadRO, CRONOGRAF – International Documentary Film Festival, Chisinau, Moldova 2015

2012 – THE BEARD, short fiction (25min.) student film
“The Beard” was part of short almanac “Ukraine, Goodbye!” and entered to the collection 
“Ukrainian New Wave” best short films of Ukraine in 2012.
BEST SCREENPLAY Ukrainian Film Festival “Vidkryta Nich,” Kyiv, Ukraine, 2012  
BEST SCREENPLAY “Coronation of the word” (National Scripts Festival), Kyiv, Ukraine, 2012  

2008 – ADOLESCENCE, short fiction (10min.) student film
TOMORROW’S CINEMA AWARD, 35-th Festival International Film Independent, Brussels, Belgium, 2009 
BEST SHORT FILM AWARD, 3-d International Film Festival “KinoLev”, Lviv, Ukraine, 2008 
GRAND PRIX, 12-th Ukrainian Film Festival “Vidkryta Nich”, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2008 
BEST DIRECTOR, 12-th Ukrainian Film Festival “Vidkryta Nich”, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2008
BEST FILM. International prize of the name of Arseniy and Andrey Tarkovsky, 2008