Terrarium is a platform for scriptwriters where they get help to develop, refine and complete their scripts.


Terrarium. Workshop

Workshop description

Fiction feature-length scripts are considered.

Classes are provided only to groups of screenwriters who have been selected.

The group is working with tutors (according to the agreed schedule of classes).

Workshops, lectures and seminars for screenwriters and directors.

Analysis of each script in front of the whole group and a collective discussion with the tutor.

Script doctoring.

Individual discussions with each screenwriter.

Work with actors, role analysis (character building, character development based on script, and literary analysis).

Public reading of scripts, performed by professional actors.

Workshop’s goal

To find interesting projects and help screenwriters to develop, refine and complete their scripts.

To prepare screenwriters for international pitching.

Lecturers and teachers

To be announced.

Duration of the course

To be announced.