Terrarium is a platform for scriptwriters where they get help to develop, refine and complete their scripts.


Terrarium. Intensive


10 to 17 fiction feature projects are to be selected on a competitive basis.

Script projects at different stages of development are accepted. Selection is carried out through competition by completing creative tasks.

The balance of theory and practice within Terrarium. Intensive is 30/70. There are lectures when all participants pass a certain module with the main lecturer and a tutor.

Co-lecturers work together with the tutor in the scope of the leading concept of the course. Each contributor provides structural analysis and feedback in terms of his or her professional experience.

Practical exercises are carried out on the principle of script doctoring. Each participant is to be provided with analysis and individual practical examples for the improvement of their writing skills, as well as individual tasks. This way, each participant is able to develop independently and according to his or her own level of training.

The group of writers of selected scripts receives a systematized set of professional tools for script development (lectures, workshops, script doctoring by professional scriptwriters).

We provide reading of the scripts by professional actors and discussions with the audience and the moderator.

Intensive’s goal

To create an environment of like-minded people for a few months, after which you will be able to come up with a viable script.

To help scriptwriters to develop, refine and complete their own scripts. To prepare screenwriters for international pitching.


3 to 4 months

Lecturer’s feedbacks

Irma Vitovska

It is vitally important to organize communication among the filmmakers. How does each of the participants read and process the script? How much freedom does the actor have in interpreting the role? How to find the main idea of the material and keep the challenge until the end of production, from start to finish? How to put action and conflict into the script for the character’s development? How does motivation change? How to avoid bringing theatre to the film? Thanks to everyone involved! Thank you for inviting us to join the project we need!

Lukyan Galkin

This project is a unique workshop for people who learn, primarily, to see and generate ideas, to value a concept that generates the further form. Motivated participants, able to be flexible about their drafts – they inspire and give the lecturer no less than he offers them. In such a course, theory becomes an integral part of practice, which is a promise of an interesting result on the big screen.

Anton Pronenko

Terrarium for me looks like a new and viable educational format for filmmakers. I deliver lectures in my favorite mode: these are lectures for practitioners. For me, it means the communication with artists. In the end, there is a discussion, and in these cases, I always regret not having more time, because for me this kind of communication is the purpose of the meeting. After reading the participants’ treatments, I feel a creative excitement, which is infinitely far from the routine that we inherited from the old educational system. I hope that such phenomena as Terrarium with its practical and informal approach will emerge in other fields as well.

Yevhen Stasinevych

Extremely motivated and engaged audience. Most people know exactly what they want. Dmytro’s personal involvement in the discussion works very well: it is not a typical educational platform, where something is done because of requirements, but a community of like-minded people, where they debate and argue, because they need it. Personally, I have read and heard what is lacking in today’s Ukrainian literature: working with reality, with today’s important nodes of problems and potentials. If at least one-third of the projects are produced, we will get a chance to see different Ukrainian cinema. That is inspiring.

Maryna Stepanska

For me, it is a productive approach when from the first lecture the laboratory participants work on the development of their own ideas. Any theory is dead without practice. Intensive work on the scripts contributes not only to the grasping of the theory, but also to closer interaction with a lecturer. I was pleased to work on the specific projects with participants and see them evolve. This was the best feedback for me as a lecturer. Thank you.


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