Terrarium is a platform for scriptwriters where they get help to develop, refine and complete their scripts.


Terrarium. Residence 2015


Natalia Vorozhbyt

I am a screenwriter and playwright by profession. For my entire professional life, I have been in search of the perfect way to work. This year, I first found it at the Terrarium Residence, where I spent three productive, fulfilling, quiet weeks with colleagues who worked on their own scripts. I managed to do the amount of work that usually takes six months, and at the same time, I came back home not tired but rested due to the Carpathian climate and quiet rural atmosphere. All over the world, there are writing residences where you can go at any time of the year, have your own room, desk, food and silence. In this difficult creative activity, it allows people to focus on work that is impossible in the office or at home, and to perform a cultural mission to their country.

Kateryna Gribova (Naumenko)

Find your kindred people and relax. That’s all we need in order to write. And nobody can enhance your writing more than a successful colleague. Terrarium is the best kick for timid screenwriters.

Maryna Stepanska

The idea of ​​the movie was brewing in my mind for three years. From time to time, I sat down to write some drafts that ended up in the basket. The main problem was that it was not possible to grasp the concept because of a lack of concentration. Therefore, it is difficult to overestimate the value of the Terrarium Residence for my debut project. A month without domestic distractions and with like-minded people who always give honest feedback – that is how the Falling grew in a month, first as a treatment, then as a complete script. Two key components – isolated working mode and expert feedback – work miracles with a writer’s block, and deliver tangible results.

Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk

Residence is an unhurried, relaxed and thoughtful environment where you can work on your script.